Monday, November 21, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

Thanksgiving is almost here! I've always really loved this holiday...partly because of all the amazing food, and partly because I get to visit with a lot of family members that I don't see very often.

This year, Kyle and I are hosting Thanksgiving dinner for my side of the family. I am really excited about having everyone over, but it means a LOT of work to get ready for Thursday. Hosting means I am in charge of preparing most of the meal, including some appetizers, a 15lb turkey, a spiral ham, a couple side dishes, and probably some dessert (because that's what I like to make the most!).

I don't actually mind all the fact, I love doing it...but I am pretty short on time. I also have a lot of cleaning to do around the house to get ready (I have been slacking a little because I have been using all my spare time to work on knitting projects for Christmas), and I'm working 40 hours this week, including a 12 hour shift on 'Black Friday' from 11:45pm to 11:45am... should be fun. After work on Friday, we are headed to visit Kyle's family for the "First Festivus" celebration (aka: Thanksgiving, part 2). Then it's back to work early Saturday morning. So basically....I'm going to be busy, busy, busy, busy, busy until around 5pm on Saturday. Then...I sleep.

I really hope the Crispies and Beau Bear (especially Beau Bear) behave for our guests...They have a tendency to get excited. And no one likes an overwhelming 100 pound dog, or cats that want more attention than your willing to give them. I'm always willing...but I realize that everyone else probably isn't, so here's hoping it goes well!

Wish me luck!